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WeChat Version 8.0.1 APK
WeChat Version 8.0.1 APK

You can easily download WeChat version 8.0.1 APK for android now and connect with your friends, family, or anyone around the world who uses WeChat.

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All of the APK links at the Android Culture are safe, authentic, and secure to engage with from your android devices. You don’t have to worry about any security threat or attack while downloading WeChat through our APK links.

What is WeChat Version 8.0.1?

WeChat is a multimedia chat platform where you can easily message, call, share images, audio and videos at the best rates and speed. WeChat is known for providing affordable and clear call and message service.

Since its inception in 2010 as Weixin, WeChat has gone through numerous updates, re-launches, and a fair share of scandals. However, due to its quality service, it hasn’t lost its true user base and it continues to grow with new features and software updates.

If you want to engage socially with your friends, family, and other people in your community through your android phone via a secure app like WeChat, you can use this link to download the latest 8.0.1 version of WeChat.

What are the Best Features of WeChat as a Social App?

WeChat is a complete and perfect social hub with fast text, video, and picture messaging, audio messaging, e-wallets, online payments and other financial services, eCommerce hub, social moments, QR Codes, dating, and whatnot.

Simply put, WeChat Version 8.0.1 APK can potentially replace Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. It also challenges Alibaba quite strongly with back-to-back new feature launches and brand collaborations.

WeChat was originally introduced as a research project by Tencent, a China-based tech company, in 2010 and it was named Weixin, back in the day. Later on, it was officially launched in 2011 and when Tencent decided to expand globally, it was named WeChat.

Do you know we chat has 900M active monthly users?

It is no joke. Use this link to download the WeChat Version 8.0.1 APK for your android phone.

What is New in this Updated Version of WeChat?

[You can download the WeChat new version APK from the Android Culture website now.]

This new version has multiple things that offer an updated messaging experience, shopping experience, and overall enhanced user experience.

Here is a list of the new things you’ll be experiencing with the new 8.0.1 version of WeChat:

  • We have gone all-dark-mode for quite a while now. Finally, you’ll be able to choose the dark mode on your WeChat as well.
  • Listening to songs will never be the same with this update. You can now have a visual display while listening to songs on your android phones.
  • Have been struggling with voice chat on WeChat? It’s all fixed now. The system is upgraded and the voice message is going to be so much better. Not only this, you’ll be able to easily swipe up and convert your message to a text.
  • With the stories, fleets, and statuses taking over the world, WeChat has finally upgraded from moments and has introduced the “My Status” feature where you can share your current personal state, wherever you’re and see other people’s status as well.
  • Emojis are out of the world! WeChat Version 8.0.1 has added new emojis which are bigger and better. Some of them are HD animated and will ‘Bomb’ your screen. Sticker collection and quality have also been considerably improved.
  • The biggest update has been the introduction of a new in-app currency called ‘WeChat Beans”. You’ll be able to use it to make in-app purchases.
  • There are some changes made in the Homepage as well as with the ‘floating window’ function of the updated articles.
  • All bugs are fixed and the overall experience has been improved.

You should definitely check the new version of WeChat now.

If you’ve an android, you can use our safe APK link to download WeChat.

What to do NOW?

If you are looking forward to socially engaging with people through a secure and multipurpose online chat platform, WeChat is your way to go.

Download WeChat’s latest 8.0.1 version now and get started.

You don’t have to struggle to find the WeChat APK download links anymore. You can simply scroll up and download the apk for your android devices or use this link.
Disclaimer: All of the APK links of WeChat Version 8.0.1 on the Android Culture website are permitted, authentic and safe to use on your android devices. You don’t have to worry about the corrupted links or hacking attacks on your device. These links are perfectly secure to use


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