In this modern age, you do not need traditional paper and pencil before you can draw. All you need to get a neat and nice drawing these days is one of more of these best drawing apps on Android. You can sketch wherever the inspiration strikes you if you have one of these drawing apps for Android on your phone. As we know, Google Play has a lot of apps to draw at your disposal.

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However, getting the right apps can be a little challenging that’s why we help you out with the research. So, whether you’re looking for a drawing app to kill some time or for work. You can locate the best drawing app that best suits your need. Without wasting much of your time, let’s get to it.

Top 10 Best Drawing Apps On Android In 2023

Adobe Illustrator Draw

The first app on our list of best drawing apps on Android is Adobe illustrator. The app is an excellent choice for illustrators, graphic designers, and artists. It provides a huge selection of expert tools for making vector graphics. One of the benefits of using this app to draw is its ability to send your sketches in editable format to Photoshop, Illustrator, Capture One, or Photoshop Sketch. You can edit the desktop image with this function. To add fine details, the app lets you zoom up to 64 times. It utilizes layers and has five pen tips. Not all the features are free. To unlock all features you will have to go premium.

Simple Draw Pro: Sketch

The next app on our list is Simple Draw. It is a good alternative for children as well because it is simple to use. The paint and pen sizes in this app are adjustable. It enables you to set various backdrop colors or a background image. You may quickly share your sketches using Simple Draw through texts or social media.

The app supports Vectors in JPG, PNG, or SVG. If you are looking for apps with advanced tools for drawing, this app isn’t the best for you. You can check out other best apps for drawing on Android. In addition, the app doesn’t feature layers, airbrushes, or masks. However, if you just want to draw a simple artwork, this app might be the best option for you.


Artflow is another good Android app for drawing. The app has more than 100 brushes and tools. In addition, the app features pressure simulation and pressure-sensitive pens. Your painting experience will be more realistic thanks to these characteristics. Smudge, Fill, and Eraser tools are a few of the helpful features included in this drawing app. Other features you get include Layer clipping and selection masks.

The app comes with a simple and unique user interface. The Artflow app is for advanced artists but can still be used by beginners because of its user-friendly interface. The paid version comes with more advanced features. Whereas, the free version only has 3 layers and 20 simple tools.

Infinite Paper

The next app on our list of best drawing apps on Android is Infinite Paper. The pencil simulation in this drawing app is among the best on the list. You also receive many tools, several brush kinds, adjustable brush settings, real-time color adjusting, and many other things. The ability to produce professional-caliber artwork with this tool puts it on the same level as other advanced apps. Given its complexity, the app does have some flaws, but even so, it is still among the best.


SketchBook is one top drawing apps. The app was developed by a renowned design company Autodesk. You can design anything your imagination conjures up using the features and tools provided by this painting app for Android. Previously, Sketchbook was a paid app, but Autodesk recently made it available for no cost. You can work with any tool that suits your expertise, including both the desktop and mobile versions of Sketchbook.


This well-liked drawing app for Androids functions as a full animation studio right on your phone. With a few simple features, you can make your own cartoons, anime, and sketch films. When you first open the app, an interactive tutorial will teach you how to use it. You’ll learn the fundamentals of animation through hands-on practice. And you can use them to transform your sketches into lively cartoons.

The application’s user interface offers the tools you most frequently use, including a brush with size modification, a color wheel for selecting a shade, an eraser, and a fill. The basic package lasso function is really useful since it allows you to choose specific objects or parts of them and then transform and change them to produce realistic continuous frames. Change the playback speed while editing using FlipaClip, and with the premium edition, you can even add a voiceover to the clips.


One of the more distinctive drawing apps is dotpict. With this, you can create pixel art. By just filling in the pixel boxes, you can build small sceneries or people by moving about and zooming in. Then you can enlarge the view to see your entire masterpiece. The app also offers auto-saving, undo and redo, and the ability to export your finished work. Apart from that, it doesn’t have many features and keeps out of the way while you sketch. It’s a top-notch app for anyone who likes making pixel art.

MediBang Paint

One of the better free drawing apps is MediBang Paint. Its cross-platform support is its main selling point. The app offers you the ability to start your work in one location and migrate it to another platform using the cloud. That’s actually pretty cool. There are also a good number of brushes, tools for both comics and free drawing, and numerous more entertaining tiny add-ons. It’s an excellent app. It’s also available on Windows, Macs, etc.


ArtRage provides a realistic painting experience. It includes painting effects and textures that imitate actual paint. That’s why we include it on our list of best drawing apps for Android. With its sophisticated tools, you can measure how much paint you have applied or how wet the paint is. With these tools, you can use oil and watercolor brushes to produce realistic effects. Along with other fantastic features, it provides layers, Photoshop blending modes, a Fill tool, and more. Additionally, ArtRage has a PC version that works with the Android app. You can export your paintings as PNG and JPG files using the application

Ibis Paint X

One of the most functional drawing apps for Android is Ibis Paint X. It has numerous useful tools, like clipping masks, blending modes, layers, filters, and typefaces. There are more than 2000 brushes in this app. Among other professional brushes, it sells airbrushes, pencils, oil brushes, crayons, charcoal brushes, and digital pens. You can record your drawing process using the app and then share it with other users.

Don’t know what to do, watch instructional videos on its YouTube page to learn how to use the app to its best potential. A limited free version and a fully licensed version with monthly and yearly plans are both available with Ibis Paint X.


For both artists and drawing aficionados, drawing apps are a great alternative. They provide tools for creating digital art that mimics actual paintings and sketches. You can also use a variety of pens, brushes, and painting techniques while you sketch and paint thanks to them.

Additionally, you are not required to bring your own drawing supplies. We sincerely hope that our list of the best drawing apps on Android has been helpful to you. Let us know your view on this app in the comment box below.