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How To Unlock Android Phones With A Password

how to unlock Android phones without a password

How to unlock Android phones without a password. We all have sometimes set a password or fingerprint lock on our Android phones to stop anybody from entering and snooping on our mobile phones. We did this to prevent them from going through the contents we have in order to protect our private information and vital data. Unfortunately, we forgot the password. You’ve tried every password you can think of without being successful. Well, let us help you out. This post is on how to unlock Android phones without a password.

Considering that it is challenging to enter an Android phone with a lock screen without the password. This issue affects a lot of Android users, who then want to learn how to unlock Android phones without a password. If you forget the password to your phone, we’ll show you how to unlock it using these few steps we found.

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Three Ways On How To Unlock Android Phones Without Password

Hard Reset In Recovery Mode

You can try to reset your Android phone in Recovery mode to erase the password if you don’t mind the phone’s data is totally destroyed.

Google’s Find My Device

The Google Find My Device feature, which lets you remotely clean your Android phone and unlock its screen, is always active as long as you connect your Android phone to any Google account. To unlock your phone using this method follow these few steps.

Using Forgotten Pattern Features

We are all aware that an Android phone will lock itself if you enter an erroneous password more than five times. Before attempting to enter your password once more, you must wait 30 seconds. The Forgot pattern function now appears at the bottom of the phone’s display. You can use the Forgot pattern function to unlock your phone without a password by following the instructions below. Only Android devices running Android 4.4 or lower can use this strategy.


I believe when next you find yourself in a situation where you cannot unlock your Android phone, these few methods on how to unlock Android phones with a password will help out. Let us hear what you think about these steps in the comment box.


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