If you are in search of how to transfer files from PC to Android, then welcome to the right post. Prior to the widespread availability of Bluetooth and other wireless options, the majority of users used USB cables to exchange data back and forth between their PC and Android phones. That was the visible method back then.

But today, you have several ways you can transfer files from your PC to your android phone. Want to find out which methods we have on how to transfer files from PC to Androids, without USB read-on.

Various Ways On How To Transfer Files From PC To Android Without USB

Below are the various ways we found on how to transfer files from your PC to your Android phone. These methods work either ways. Even if you want to send files from your phone to your computer, these methods will work perfectly. Lets check these methods out.

Transfering Files From PC To Android Without USB Via Wifi

You already have a feature called Phone Link that enables you to connect directly to your phone via your Wi-Fi network. If you’re using the most recent version of Windows. You can now carry out Wi-Fi file transfers thanks to this. Visit the Microsoft Store to download and install Phone Link if you do not have it on your computer.

  • You’ll be prompted to access www.aka.ms/yourpc from your phone after logging into your Microsoft account.
  • Select Pair manually on your PC. After clicking the link, you’ll see a PIN that you must input using your phone.
  • Visit the link on your Android phone and follow the instructions to connect your phone to your PC. Enter the code from the PC app when requested. After entering the PIN on your phone the screen will change.
  • Confirm that you are still in the Phone Link app on your PC by selecting Continue once more.
  • Go back to the PC Phone Link app and select the Settings gear icon. From the left menu, select Features. Check that the toggle next to Cross-device copy and paste is on. If it is not on you can turn it on
  • Select the phone symbol in the window’s upper left corner on the Windows Phone Link app. This will show the screen of your phone on your desktop PC.
  • Now that the new window displaying your Phone screen has arrived on the desktop, you may drag any file from your PC into your Android using File Explorer.
  • The moment you transfer a file into your phone’s screen, it automatically syncs with your device.

Transfering Files From Pc To Android Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth can transport files, even though it might not be the fastest method for doing so without a USB cable from an Android device to a PC and from your PC back to your Android. Bluetooth might be slow but it always gets the job done. Here’s how to send files through Bluetooth from your PC to your Android

  • Your Android smartphone’s Settings menu will have a Bluetooth option. Turn on Bluetooth to make sure your PC can find your Android smartphone.
  • Select Settings from the Start menu, Bluetooth from the list of options, and Bluetooth. When you use the phone search feature, your Android smartphone will show up in the list of phones that are found. Pick your Android phone to pair both devices.
  • Both your Android smartphone and PC will display a passcode. Make sure all of your devices have the same passwords. Choose OK on your Android phone, then press Connect on your PC.
  • Select Browse in the following box, navigate to the file you wish to send to your Android phone, and then select Next.
  • Your Android phone will display a request for your consent to the Android file transfer. Hit “accept.”
  • The file transfer will eventually finish and continue from your PC.
  • That is all there is to Bluetooth file transmission from your PC to an Android device. Your phone and computer just need to be paired once. After that, you can use the aforementioned procedure to transfer as many files as you want.

Transfering Files Using Cloud

Another way on how to transfer files from PC to Android without USB is using the cloud. You can always utilize cloud services or even email to transfer files from your PC to your Android. If you don’t want to install any programs on your computer or Android. The most well-known providers with companion Android apps for downloading files and file uploading from your PC are Gmail, Dropbox, etc.

Some of them, like Google Drive, even provide you the choice to sync PC files with their cloud storage platform. Any of these cloud storage apps can be downloaded and installed on an Android device to connect to the same services and upload the files you copied from your computer. This is likely the simplest method for transferring files. The most straightforward method to transfer files from your PC to your Android phone is definitely this one. It does, however, necessitate a few extra steps, such as uploading the file from your PC to the service and then downloading it to your phone.

Transfer Using A Third-Party App

Using third-party programs on your computer is another popular way to wirelessly transfer files from your PC to your Android phone. Droid Transfer is one of the most well-liked apps for doing that. You’ll also need to download Transfer Companion on your Android device in order for this to function properly. Additionally, if you want to move data from your PC to your Android, you will require a premium subscription.

  • Launch the Droid Transfer app on your computer after installing the Transfer Companion software on your Android. Scan the QR code on the Windows app using the Transfer Companion app.
  • Scan the QR code in the Droid Transfer app on your Windows screen using the Android app’s Scan Droid Transfer QR Code button. For the connection to function on your Android phone, you must grant permission. When you do, the Transfer app will display a Connected state.
  • You’ll see that the screen has changed when you return to the Droid Transfer program on your PC. You will be shown every location on your phone where you can begin sending and receiving files.
  • Choose Files from the left menu to send files from your PC to your Android phone. Go to the menu on your phone and select the location where you want to upload files from your PC.
  • The top menu’s Add File option is to be chosen. By doing this, a browser window will open, allowing you to navigate to the computer file you want to transfer. To start the transfer, choose the file and press the Open button.
  • Your computer will send the file to your Android phone. The subsequent apps are ideal for transferring files from your PC to your Android phone and are comparable to Droid Transfer. Vysor AirDroid WiFi File Explorer