How do I transfer pictures from my Android to a flash drive? This is a particular question in the heart of many. If you are one of those, then I welcome you to the right post. What if I tell you that transferring files from Android to a flash drive is fairly simple? Yes, very simple. In fact, we’re about to demonstrate for you how to do it in a few simple steps we have found out.

Two Methods On How Do I Transfer Pictures From My Android To Flash Drive

Using An OTG Flash Drive

The first method we are going to look at is by using an OTG flash drive. An OTG flash is designed to support your Android charging pot. If you do not have one, you can get any online at an affordable price. Let us check how to use an OTG flash drive.

Check if you have enough storage on your flash

First, make sure the image files you want to transfer can fit on your flash device. Thankfully, the majority of flash drive capacities are more than big enough to accommodate whole albums of high-resolution pictures. However, it’s a good idea to compare your folder sizes with the amount of available space first if you have particularly large uncompressed image files or other items on your flash drive.

Check for compatibility

Your Android phone’s USB-C port, which is also where you plug in your charger, will be used to transfer your image files. Utilizing a USB-C flash drive is the simplest choice because it comes with the correct connector shape. The next is that your Android phone must have USB On-the-Go technology. You may connect your flash drive directly to the phone thanks to this. The majority of manufacturers of Android smartphones currently support this, however, verify your phone’s specifications first to be sure.

Plug In your flash

Put your flash drive’s connector into the USB-C port on your Android phone. The same port that your charger plugs into is this one. You will first plug in your adaptor and then insert the flash drive if you don’t have a USB-C drive. When you plug in the flash drive, a notification from your phone’s file system typically appears. You can view any files that you’ve already stored by clicking on this notification, which will take you there immediately.

Locate and select the pictures

Depending on the model of your Android phone, the next stages may differ slightly, but overall, all devices are comparable in this regard. In the file manager of your Android phone, locate where you have the pictures you want to transfer to the flash drive. The software will display every storage volume on your phone, including internal memory, an SD card if you have any in the phone, and the flash drive.

Copy the pictures to your flash

When you’ve located the pictures you want, give one of them a long press with your finger. This will prevent you from sending one at a time and also help save time.

Select the menu item that offers you choices for how to use the files you’ve chosen. Frequently, this will be one of the options in the upper-right corner of the window with three dots or three lines. When the phone asks where you want the pictures to be moved to, choose “Move” and then choose your flash drive. Lastly, locate the Eject button and use it to securely take away the USB flash device.

Old Fashioned Way

You can also use the conventional method, which entails transferring images from an Android device to a PC using a USB cable before copying them to a flash. You can also check out how to transfer files from PC to Android without USB. This technique is simple to use and understand.

  • Connect your Android device using a USB cord to the PC in step one.
  • Tap the USB Charging notice on your Android device and choose to transfer files or pictures. To transfer images from an Android phone to a USB flash drive, connect the device to a computer.
  • Open your Android phone under the Devices and Drivers area of your computer by clicking This PC under the Computer menu.
  • Select where you have the pictures you wish to transfer to a flash
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the computer, open it, and then drag and drop the images from your Android. When it’s finished, remove your Android phone and the flash drive.


We believe that when next you wish to transfer pictures from an Android to a flash you can get that done in a few minutes using either method we have. Let us hear your view if we correctly answer the question of how do I transfer pictures from my Android to a flash drive in the comment box.