With the help of these best educational games for kids, let’s turn your Android smartphone into something beneficial for your children. And show them the positive aspects of smartphones. We rely on technology more than ever in today’s world. The internet, computers, and cell phones are now an integral part of daily life.
We work online and learn online. If you have a boy or girl at home, you undoubtedly want them to study while having fun. Kids today are more drawn to smartphones and the internet. So we suggest some of the best educational games for kids to help channel their enthusiasm into learning.
And discovering new things with Android devices. Kids can choose from a wide variety of games that span a range of ages and topics. These educational games for kids can help your children learn faster. And you can use these apps to keep your kids busy while you do other stuff. Let us quickly check out these best educational games for kids on Android.

Top 10 Educational Games For Kids On Android



if your goal is to help the child develop their capacity for problem-solving or logic. One of the better possibilities is Thinkroll 2. With a variety of puzzles and lovely graphics, it will amuse your child while exercising the brain to develop some fantastic logical thinking. However, you will have to pay to access this game

Lola’s Alphabet Train

Your youngsters can learn the alphabet with the aid of Lola’s Alphabet Train. With the help of Lola’s Alphabet Train app, which is specially made for children between the ages of three and seven. Your child will learn the names of the letters, be able to recognize them, and will undoubtedly remember the alphabet.
To better understand the alphabet, play games like “create a word,” “drag and drop” individual letters, and even a matching memory game. The games increase harder as your kids get better at them, yet they stay entertaining and interesting. This game is one of the top educational games for kids out there.

Preschool Learning Games For Kids

One of the best educational games for toddlers is preschool learning games for kids, which they require before they can learn the alphabet. Children in kindergarten, primary school, and preschool. Or kids in the range of 3 to 6 years will benefit from playing this instructive Android game. They will learn the shapes, colors, counting games, and fundamental abilities via play without exerting any effort.

Pepi House

Another educational game on our list is Pepi House. This game will take place in a 10-person family home. Providing ample opportunity for the young players to engage in various activities. And interactions with all of the household members. Each level or room serves as a representation of a distinct theme, complete with hidden artifacts and related subplots. The game comes with other educational games for your kids, although it’s more of a 2D adventure.

Masha And The Bear

With the epic journey of a girl and her companion, a woodland bear, Masha, and the Bear is a collection of instructional games for kids up to the age of six. They will assist the younger ones by suggesting images, things to jog memory, music to connect them with instruments, or basic mathematical procedures. Children can carry on learning at home in this way. In general, the games are one top educational games for your child.

Toca Life World

Our next educational game for kids is Toca Life World. This game attempts to develop an ideal world. And the best stories that will happen in it rather than delivering tales to inspire creative thinking in its players. The game will pique children’s imaginations and aid in their global education. The owners design the game with children in mind in order to encourage them to be playful, creative, and true to themselves.

Kids Balloon Pop Game

Another way you can engage your kids is through this game called Kids Balloon Pop. These adorable retro balloon-popping games for kids feature four game modes that let them learn the alphabet, colors, and numbers by tapping on the screen. Kids can use the game to develop their vocabulary in ten different languages or learn English. Is one of the most loved educational games for kids.

Toca Kitchen 2

If your child is still too young to use the kitchen, Toca Kitchen 2 can help you start to sate their appetite for cooking. In this game, the child will prepare meals for customers. And if they enjoy them, they will receive rewards for their hard work and accomplishments. It is a fun game and also helps educate your kids on how to prepare nice meals.

Bini Super ABC

Bini Super ABC help teaches kids how to learn the initial alphabets, which has very simple levels and is a lot of fun to play. The game is good for kids in the age range of 3 to 5. With the help of this educational Android game, kids may learn how to pronounce and write the alphabet’s letters as well as begin to read.

Toca Lab: Element

The last game we have on our list of the best educational game for kids is Toca Lab: Elements. This game will assist your child in learning the periodic table by allowing him to interact directly with the elements themselves if you suspect that he may be interested in chemistry. Since the periodic table is relatively complex, it is obvious that it is inappropriate for young children. But an older youngster may love the field of chemistry. But it is a kid-targeted paid game.

Final Words On The Best Educational Games For Kids 

These educational games for kids can help teach your kids while they still have fun. The games are educational apps but eh owners added a few fun aspects to make them entertaining while children learn. You can install more than one of these games to help keep your child busy. Let’s hear your view on this game in the comment box below.