One of the top Android messaging apps is WhatsApp. Ever since Meta(Facebook) got its hands on Whatsapp, it has developed significantly and gained a lot of helpful new features. With the addition of call links, the capability to message oneself. And the capability to transmit files up to 2GB in size in recent months.

The messaging service has seen some subtle but significant usability enhancements. Before Meta makes the new features available to the public, you can get the majority of the features in the app’s beta channel. Currently, WhatsApp is working on a new usability update that will make it simpler to capture and share videos with your friends. Check out the latest Google Health Connect app also.



What’s New On Whatsapp

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a significantly modified camera interface for its Android app. WABetaInto recently released the updates to the public. Currently, when you launch the messaging app’s built-in camera interface, you just see a shutter button. And buttons to access the gallery and switch to the front camera.

In the top-right corner, there is a flash switch. You must hold down the shutter button for a long time to record a video. In some circumstances, this could be a hassle because you have to hold down the shutter button while recording a video.

By including a specific video mode in its built-in camera app, which you can access by swiping right on the viewfinder. WhatsApp appears to be trying to shift this practice. You won’t need to continuously press the shutter button to shoot videos from within WhatsApp as a result.

Another benefit of this mode is that switching between the front and rear cameras while a video is being recorded is available here. This is not allowed in photo mode. Additionally, if you long press the shutter button while in photo mode, you can still take videos.

With a restricted group of users on the beta channel, WhatsApp is beta testing the updates to its built-in camera app. The new UI ought to show up on your device if you’re using the Whatsapp beta version on your phone. That’s all from this end. Let us hear you view of about this latest feature added to Whatsapp.