Looking for the top Android emulators for PC and Mac? Allow us to assist you in getting the best Android emulators for PC and Mac in 2022. If you are the type that loves to run Android apps on your computer, these emulators will be useful to you. Having said that, there are too many Android emulators available, and if you don’t choose the appropriate one, your identity and data may be at risk
The Android emulators listed below are from positive reviews from users, and you can use them to run mobile phone apps on your PC or Mac. Before seeing these Android emulators for PC and Macs, let’s check out the meaning of Android emulators.
In essence, an Android emulator is a piece of PC software that mimics Android apps. To sum it up, the emulators support almost all smartphone apps. Additionally, the functionality of these programs is the same on computers and mobile devices. Let’s check out the emulators we have for you. You can also read about the Google Pixel 7 also.

Best Android Emulators For PC And Mac In 2022

Android Studio

The greatest alternative for app developers is Android Studio. Android Studio is an IDE in a technical sense. Through the Android Virtual Device feature, it has an emulator. Practically any gadget can be made and used to test an application. Regular folks may also use this as an emulator, and after you get through the setup, the performance is actually quite good. You will experience little trouble when you use this Android emulator.
However, it lacks a few keyboard functionality. Yet, it’s a good overall product, and lots of developers utilize it to create apps you use every day. It’s also one of the few emulators that can run the most recent Android releases. It comes with the Play Store, but in order to use it, you must create an AVD with the Play Store symbol.

Windows 11

Running Android applications is one of Windows 11’s key features. Like every other solution on this list, it makes use of virtualization, but Microsoft has built-in capabilities for it in Windows 11. All you have to do is to visit the Microsoft Store and download the Amazon Appstore. Then, Windows 11 will launch a tutorial to assist you with the remaining steps. Although Amazon’s Appstore is a respectable source.
Yet, we all know Google Play Store is better. Many popular apps and some other popular items are still available. The best thing about this is that there are no strange downloads or installations needed. All you need is to download, launch, and use your apps from the Amazon Appstore. There is a way to install Google Play, although it does need some technical skill. Additionally, it’s not very stable at the moment, so we advise waiting.

Phoenix OS

Phoenix OS, one of the most recent emulators available today, operates on the x86 operating system. Due to the fact that most emulators can only run previous versions of Android, it can run Android 7.1. Due to its straightforward user interface, it works well for productivity as well as games. It is capable of running high-definition games at rapid speeds in terms of gaming. Additionally, it supports multiple functions for gamers. The emulator works well with low-end PCs because it can run games at 30+ frames per second even on those systems.


Many users consider BlueStacks to be the most feature-rich Android app player available, and for good reason. This emulator has a ton of features to enhance the gaming experience in addition to supporting Windows and Mac. The Keymapping Tool, which lets you design unique control schemes, the Instance Manager, which lets you run multiple instances of the emulator at once, and quality-of-life features like Eco Mode, which helps to conserve resources even when running the most resource-intensive games, are some of its most well-liked features. BlueStacks 5, the most recent version, is the emulator’s lightest and quickest ever. It enables high-performance gaming even on low-end gadgets. This emulator is one of the safest on the list of best Android emulators for PC and Mac. Feel free to install and use it because your data is safe.


For those who have used RemixOS, PrimeOS is the ideal replacement. The open-source Androidx86-based operating system can be dual-booted on a computer or booted from a USB device. Although the emulator performs well in terms of gaming. Its greatest potential lies in giving desktop users an Android-like experience. The Android Emulator is often compared to ChromeOS because of its beautiful user interface and Android support. PrimeOS stood up as a strong alternative to other top Android emulators for PCs according to some users. PrimeOS has a history of significant gaming usage and offers support for multiple windows and keyboard mapping. Having said that, lags in graphically demanding games are unavoidable.

Nox Player

Android gamers are the main audience for Nox Player. The emulator works great for utilizing Android apps and taking advantage of the entire Android experience. Yet it excels at playing large-scale games. If you are a gamer, this emulator is the best for you. The Nox Player allows you to map the keys of the keyboard, mouse, and gamepad. You can even designate keyboard keys for motions. To achieve the optimal gaming experience, you can also specify the CPU and RAM utilization in the settings. The fact that the Android emulator is based on Android 5 Lollipop may worry some people. The emulator is still free. However, some users complain about certain issues. In addition, some well-known antivirus programs have labeled Nox system files as suspicious.


Compared to the other app players, MEmu is a new player in the game. Again focusing on games, this Android emulator performs similarly to Nox and BlueStacks in terms of speed. The MeMu Android emulator’s support for both AMD and Nvidia CPUs is one of its most crucial features. Currently running Android Lollipop, MEmu has the best compatibility with productivity apps. And this should be your pick if you want to play games top android games. Overall, if you want to experience Android on a PC, this is the greatest Android emulator.


A reliable pseudo-emulator that operates in Google Chrome. That obviously indicates that using ARChon requires Google Chrome. Installing ARChon on Chrome is simple as installing an extension with the developer settings enabled, but running apps is a little trickier. To use APKs in this context, you must convert them using a program. This one is most definitely for power users who are either testing or just need to run Android apps on their laptops.
The official GitHub contains the usage instructions. This emulator might not be that strong for gaming but will excel with other apps. Another choice on this list is perhaps better for PC and Mac users because it is just simpler. However, ARChon has the advantage of working with Google Chrome on any operating system, that’s why we added it to the list for users that might need it.


A different great Android emulator for PC gaming. Among other well-known games, Gameloop supports top HD games. The emulator is open source and doesn’t require the formation of any kind of account. Even notebooks with basic configurations can use it. Both Windows and macOS laptops/PCs can run Gameloop. One good thing is that you can run other non-gaming apps smoothly on this emulator. 


Andy utilizes both Windows and macOS laptops for his business. The Android emulator allows users to play the most well-liked mobile games on a desktop. While keeping them up to date with the most recent Android OS feature changes. You can also use Andy to link your phone as a controller or joystick. Additionally, it has an Android keyboard mapper, support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers, and cloud storage. There is also a developer support option, but you must purchase Andy’s paid version in order to use it.

Final Words On Android Emulators For PC And Mac

I now believe that you won’t find it hard again to get an emulator for your computer. All these best Android emulators for PC and Mac has their own kind of advantage. All you have to do is go through the reviews and install any of your choices. Let us know your view in the comment section below