How to install PowerShell. When used correctly, PowerShell is a very helpful tool. Here’s how to obtain it or, if you already possess it, update it. Windows Microsoft created the command-line utility PowerShell to assist you in automating repetitive operations on your system. You should utilize the most recent version of PowerShell if you’re an avid Windows user who uses it frequently. On Windows 11, PowerShell can be installed or updated in several ways. In this post, we examine each one in detail.

How To Install The Power Shell Using Microsoft App Store

The Microsoft Store also offers the PowerShell app. Use the following procedures to install or update the PowerShell app through the Microsoft Store.
  • On your computer, launch the Microsoft Store app.
  • To find the PowerShell app on the store, use the search box at the top.
  • To update the PowerShell app, click Update. Click the Install button to download the app if you don’t already have it.
It is that simple.

How To Instal Powershell With Winget Command

One of the simplest ways to install or update PowerShell in Windows 11 is to use the Winget command. You can follow the instructions listed below.
  • To access the search menu, either click the magnifying glass on the taskbar or press Win + S.
  • Search for Command Prompt in the top search box.
  • To launch the Command Prompt with administrative rights, choose Run as administrator.
  • When the User Account Control (UAC) prompt displays, click Yes.
  • To display every version of the PowerShell software that is currently available, paste the following command into the terminal and hit Enter. Winget search PowerShell
  • Make a note of the ID linked to the PowerShell software you want to download.
  • To install the PowerShell application, issue the following command. install winget for AppID
Using the Winget Command, install or update PowerShell The real app ID noted in the previous step should be substituted for AppID in the command above. Close the terminal window once Winget has finished downloading and installing PowerShell on your computer. The PowerShell app should then be usable after that. Conveniently, you may install numerous apps at once with the Winget command.

How To Install PowerShell Using GitHub

The last method I found on how to install or update PowerShell is by using GitHub. Here’s how you approach it.
Go to GitHub’s PowerShell page in your favorite web browser after opening it.
  • From the GitHub website, choose the most recent version of PowerShell.
  • Download the MSI file to your PC by scrolling down to the Assets section.
  • Click Next after opening the setup package.
  • Click Next after specifying the installation folder. Click Next once more.
  • Select the checkboxes that say WSUS or Microsoft Update. This is then used to update PowerShell, and I should use Microsoft Update to check for updates.
  • Then, select Next.
  • To finish the process, click the Install button and adhere to the on-screen directions.

Final Words

We now believe you can easily install or update the PowerShell on your Windows 11. Each of the listed methods is effective, just choose the one you think will be easy for you to carry out. Let us know what your view is in the comment box below.